The International ThermoWood Association was founded in 2000. Today, there are sixteen members from eight countries. The utilization of ThermoWood is constantly increasing and the aim of the association is to enhance ThermoWood® products.

ThermoWood® is a registered trademark owned by International ThermoWood Association. The ThermoWood® trademark is a sign of wood products manufactured via a process developed in Finland. Only the members of the International ThermoWood Association have legal right to use the word ThermoWood with thermally modified timber. ITWA logotype is an official quality control stamp of our association.

ThermoWood products are well suited to applications involving demanding weather conditions. ThermoWood is durable, stabile and 100% natural choice for the demands of modern wood architecture. Beautiful outlook, dimensional stability and non-resinous material make the products also desirable for interior decoration See different applications on our photo gallery >